Better regulation: Commission offers new opportunities for stakeholders to participate in the law-making process

Source: European Commission (EC) i, published on Friday, July 1 2016.

The Commission has opened up another part of the EU decision-making process for stakeholder input. In line with its commitments under the Better Regulation Agenda and the broad effort to increase transparency in the EU Institutions, as of 30 June, draft delegated and implementing acts will now be put online and open for public feedback for a period of four weeks. This new online feedback tool is part of the Commission's new, user-centred web presence.

First Vice-President Frans Timmermans i said: "Transparency and consultation are at the heart of our efforts to produce better regulation for better results. Since taking office 18 months ago we have thrown open our decision-making process and consult at all stages with those who have to deal with EU rules. Stakeholders will now be able to give their views for the first time on delegated and implementing acts, before they are adopted by the Commission."

Delegated and implementing acts are used by the EU institutions to update elements of adopted legislation or specify the conditions by which EU laws should be implemented. The online feedback tool allows citizens and stakeholders to express their views during the entire policy and law-making process.

Roadmaps for new initiatives, legislative proposals, public consultations and now draft delegated and implementing acts are all open for stakeholder comments and contributions. Citizens and stakeholders can also send their suggestions for administrative burden reduction under existing EU rules through the Lighten the Load website.


The Commission presented its Better Regulation for Better Results Agenda on 19 May 2015 to change both what the EU does, and how it does it. The EU, its institutions, and its body of law, are there to serve citizens and businesses, who must see this in their daily lives and operations. We must restore their confidence in our ability to deliver. The Juncker Commission represents a new start. Our priority is to deliver solutions to the big issues and leave everything else to the Member States where they are best placed to act.

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