Meet the chairs of Parliament's committees

Source: European Parliament (EP) i, published on Wednesday, October 28 2020.

Committees are the powerhouses of the European Parliament’s legislative work. Find out who heads them up.

Parliament’s committees elected their chairs and vice-chairs during their first meetings in July 2019.

The internal market and consumer protection committee elected a new chair on 26 October 2020, following the departure of Petra De Sutter to join the Belgian government.

Parliament voted to set up a new permanent subcommittee on tax matters in June, which began work in September.

Committees are responsible for drafting Parliament's positions on legislative proposals. They also prepare own-initiative reports, appoint negotiating teams to conduct talks with the Council, organise hearings with experts and scrutinise other EU institutions and bodies.

The Parliament has 20 standing committees and three subcommittees, covering various policy areas from environment to international trade.

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