Competitiveness Council (Internal Market, Industry, Research and Space) (COMPET)

Source: Europa Nu.

The Competitiveness Council (Internal Market, Industry, Research and Space) (COMPET) consists of the Ministers (or State Secretaries) of economic affairs of the Member States of the European Union.

In the Council of the European Union, the ministers from the EU Member States take a joint decision on the policy to be implemented within the EU. The Council is supported by the Committee of Permanent Representatives, which prepares decisions and guards the implementation and adherence of the decisions monitored by the Council.

The Council holds five to six formal meetings a year, depending on the urgency of the topic related to the relevant policy field, (internal market, tourism, industry, research and space).



The Competitiveness Council was established in June 2002 as a result of a merger of earlier configurations such as the Internal Market Council, the Consumers and Tourism Council and the Research and Industry Counicl. Due to the demand for more cohesion and a well coordinated approach related to competitiveness in the European Union.

As a result, the new Consumer Protection, matters considering Consumer Protection were admitted in the Council Employment, Social Policy, Public Health and Consumer Affairs.


Relevant policy fields

  • competition
  • internal market
  • industry- and enterprises
  • research- and innovation
  • regional policy