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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tallinn Digital Summit

Talinn, Het presidentieel paleis van Kadrior
date September 29, 2017
city Tallinn, Estonia
attending M. (Mark) Rutte i, A. (Antonio) Tajani i, J.C. (Jean-Claude) Juncker i et al.
organisation Estonian presidency of the EU i

This Digital Summit is all about our future: data economy, digital skills, eGovernment and cybersecurity - priority topics for the European Commission. In collaboration with the Estonian Presidency several European innovative projects relating to the new ways in which Europeans will live, work, study, move and communicate will be showcased.

European leaders will convene at the Tallinn Digital Summit to discuss plans for digital innovation aimed at enabling Europe to stay ahead of the technological curve in the years to come.The goal is to boost into being a digital global leader by 2025.

The discussions will focus on key topics which will enable the digital future of Europe:

  • eGovernment: How to bring governments and the public sector into the digital age, improving public services for citizens and businesses while reducing costs and promoting innovation.
  • Trust & Security: Cyber security as an enabler of a free internet that citizens, consumers and enterprises can trust and rely on.
  • Digital Society : How to prepare the EU to be the ideal platform for data economy, ensuring the free movement of data across all sectors.
  • Digital Industry & Economy : How to roll out a world-class data economy infrastructure featuring very high capacity networks and providing ubiquitous connectivity which facilitate a better economical and living environment for Europeans.

In parallel to the discussions, the Digital exhibition will present the best EU-funded digital research projects: from Graphene to 5G, from eID to Code week.


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