Milaan, Italie. De dom.
date October 13, 2015 - October 14, 2015
city Milan, Italy
attending F. (Franz) Fischler i et al.
organisation Joint Research Centre (JRC) i


© EU, 2015

Science - Art - Politics

Superstudio Piu', Via Tortona 27, Milano

At first glance, Science, Art and Politics might seem like far-away universes. Yet they all mix ingredients of reason, facts and figures all the way to opinions, concerns and values, in order to derive meaning and make sense of the world. We believe that working together and eventually creating a resonance between these approaches will be needed to solve collective problems like hunger or climate change, and make the world a more liveable place for all.

During the two-day festival 'Resonances', the JRC will experiment with elements of science, politics and the arts to explore different ways of discussing scientific, ethical and policy relevant issues. In particular, through this event the JRC aims to experiment whether it is possible to work with the arts in the fulfilment of our mission to support EU policy making and propose solutions to our collective problems.

The festival will consist of an exhibition, talks and performances, which will showcase “things” that can be interpreted in different ways relevant to science, ethics and policy. The aim is to stimulate and monitor the resonance between these interpretations.

The festival is linked to the activities of the EU at Expo Milan 2015. For example, on 14 October, Franz Fischler, the Chairman of the EU Scientific Steering Committee for Expo, will have a public dialogue with Massimo Montanari, Professor of History and Culture at Bologna University. They will present the achievements made during the six months of Expo in developing a broad framework for scientific research on food safety and security.


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Joint Research Centre (JRC)

This directorate-general provides the Commission with scientific advice and technical support in order to help formulate, implement and monitor a wide range of policies of the European Union. If requested it will advise the Council, Parliament and the member-states.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) also conducts scientific research. In several centres throughout Europe a broad range of topics are researched, most of it focused on areas that respond to the major challenges that face the EU policy makers. Its main areas of research are nuclear energy, economics, sustainable development, security issues and crisis-management and developing common reference materials and measurements.


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