V. (Valdis) Dombrovskis

Source: Europa Nu.

Valdis Dombrovskis (1971) is a Commission Vice-President on behalf of Latvia. In the Von der Leyen Commission he is responsible for an economy that works for people, and since 2020 trade. In september 2023 he also became executive president for the Green Deal. In the Juncker Commission he held the post of Commissioner for the euro and social dialogue and later also in charge of financial stability, financial services, and capital markets union. Dombrovskis is a member of the New Era Party (JL), which is aligned with the European People's Party. He held a seat in the European Parliament from 2004-2009 and proceeded to serve as prime minister of his country.


Personal data

Name and surname

Valdis Dombrovskis

Date of birth

5 August 1971 (Riga)




Political affiliation

National party

Jaunais laiks

European political group

European People's Party