Committee of Inquiry on the Protection of Animals during Transport (ANIT)

This committee will conduct an inquiry into alleged violations in the application of Union law governing live animal transports.

This Committee has a twelve-month mandate. Parliament can decide to extend the mandate. The Committee will have 30 members.

The Committee will focus on suspected breaches of Council regulation 1/2005/EC, in particular those concerning:

  • 1. 
    a lack of space, food and water for animals on transports, transports whose duration exceed legal limits and inadequate protection against extreme temperatures during transports
  • 2. 
    the transportation of animals that were not allowed to be transported
  • 3. 
    inadquate measures an animal welfare with regard to loading practices
  • 4. 
    alleged failure of national authorities to inspect transports and by extension inadequate enforcement of regulation 1/2005/EC
  • 5. 
    alleged failure of national authorities to reduce procedural obstacles with regard to animal transport, resulting in unnecessary delays
  • 6. 
    alleged failure of the Commission to enforce animal welfare rules in dealings with third countries. The Committee will also examine how the new trade policy will take into account animal welfare
  • 7. 
    alleged failure of the Commission in investigating and taking measures with regard to (possible) breaches on the rules on animal welfare on animal transports