EE2019 - Presidential debate Eurovision debate between candidates for the Presidency of the European Commission, Brussels

Europees parlement in Brussel
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen


20:45:10 Ambiance shots prior to the debate

21:00:00 - Introduction of the debate by Emilie Tran Nguyen, France Televisions, and Markus Preiss, ARD Germany, moderators Opening statements by the candidates - Nico CUE for the Party of the European Left - Ska KELLER for the Green Party - Jan ZAHRADIL, for the the Reformists Alliance of Europe - Margrethe VESTAGER, for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe - Manfred WEBER for the European People's Party - Frans TIMMERMANS for the Party of European Socialists Social Media Hub Launch by Annastiina Heikkila (YLE)

21:12:51 Migration: - topic 1 debate

21:20:37 Youth Unemployment: - topic 2 debate Social Media Hub Insert 1

21:33:38 Climate change / environment: - topic 3 debate

21:47:48 Taxation / competition : - topic 4 debate Social Media Hub Insert 2

21:58:06 International trade / role of the EU in a changing world: - topic 5 debate

22:13:37 Populism / democratic gap / relevance of institutions: - topic 6 debate Social Media Hub Insert 3

22:23:46 Closing statements

22:29:22 Outro - Social media hub by Annastiina Heikkila (YLE) - Goodbye by hosts - Shaking hands


European Parliament (EP)

The European Parliament is the EU's law-making body. It is directly elected by EU voters every 5 years.

What does the Parliament do?

The Parliament has 3 main roles:



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