PVV populairste partij nu crisis in Cyprus kiezers verdeelt (en)

Source: G. (Geert) Wilders i, published on Monday, March 25 2013.

A new opinion poll from Maurice de Hond's polling organisation puts the anti-immigration PVV in top position - with one seat more than the ruling VVD Liberals.

Source: Dutchnews.nl

The poll states the populist party would win 24 seats if there were to be a general election tomorrow, up nine on its actual total. By contrast, the VVD would win 23, down from the 41 seats it has in the current parliament and two down on last week.

The Dutch parliament has 150 seats, meaning the PVV would win 16% of the vote.

The poll also gives the Socialist party 23 seats, up eight on its election total.

De Hond asked voters how they would solve the Cyprus crisis. Some 37% said the EU must stop Cyprus from going bankrupt while 51% thought the EU should not help. PVV, SP, 50Plus and VVD voters are least likely to back a Cyprus bail-out.