Wilders & PVV Issue report on Violence Against Women in Islam

Source: G. (Geert) Wilders i, published on Friday, March 8 2013.

The Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) issued a report today on Violence Against Women in Islam ("Geweld tegen vrouwen binnen de islam" ) . See the report in Dutch, here. The occasion is April 8th, International Women's Day.

Geert Wilders and fellow PVV parliamentarian, Joram van Klaveren state that in a civilized society it is no option to ignore this situation or abandon these women. "In order to permanently end this misery in the Netherlands, female Muslims will have to liberate themselves from the prison of Islamic violence and choose for freedom," they write.

The report lists texts from the Koran and the Hadith which encourage and sometimes even command the use of violence against women.

As a result of mass immigration during the past decades, Islamic anti-female behavior has spread in Western societies. The report criticizes the attitude of Western intellectuals and politicians who turn a blind to this phenomenon out of political-correctness.

The report also devotes particular attention to the situation of Islamic women in the Netherlands - a country which has almost 17 million inhabitants, of which almost 1 million Muslims.

In the Netherlands:

· There are almost 500 honor crimes each year, with on average one honor killing each month;

· Honor crimes are committed almost exclusively in an Islamic context;

· In Amsterdam alone, between 200 to 300 Islamic women have been imprisoned in their homes by male relatives;

· Some 30,000 women in the country have suffered female genital mutilation. Every year, about 50 girls are mutilated in this way in the Netherlands;

· In September 2010, of all women in women's shelters, 26% were of Turkish origin, 24% of Moroccan origin, 27% of Iraqi origin, and 23% of various mostly non-Western) countries.

Perhaps, this latest PVV report will jar the ruling coalition in the Hague parliament to conduct investigative hearings into Islamic violence against women committed in The Netherlands prompted by tolerance of an intolerant minority in the country's midst rejecting the country's traditional values. This PVV report comes in the wake of controversial interviews of Turkish immigrant youths broadcast on Dutch TV. In those interviews Turkish immigrant youths expressed the views that "Hitler should have killed all the Jews".

Source: Newenglishreview.org