Study on the uses of youth indicators in Member States released

Source: Directorate-General for Education and Culture (EAC) i, published on Friday, March 18 2011.

On behalf of the European Commission, DG Education and Culture i, the consultancy company ECORYS has conducted a study on how indicators are being used in policy fields related to youth in the EU Member States.

According to the study, most Member States recognise the added value of applying indicators in the youth field, and stress that indicators play a role in the development of evidence-based youth policy. The study also shows that the European Commission's role in the development of EU youth indicators has been an important incentive and provided recognition for working with indicators also at the national level.

The study also includes country profiles for all Member States that contributed to the study, outlining how they address youth policy issues at the national level as well as how they work with indicators related to youth.

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Study: Assessing practices for using indicators in fields related to youth