Foreign Affairs Council (FAC)

Source: Europa Nu.

The Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) is composed of the ministers of foreign affairs, defense and/or development of the Member States of the European Union.

In the Council of the European Union, the ministers from the EU Member States take a joint decision on the policy to be implemented within the EU. The Council is supported by the Committee of Permanent Representatives, which prepares decisions and guards the implementation and adherence of the decisions monitored by the Council.

The Council meets once a month. The High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy chairs the meetings of the Council for Foreign Affairs.



The Foreign Affairs Council is established under the Lisbon Treaty. Up until 1 December 2009, this part of the General Affairs and External Relations.


Relevant policy fields

This council deals with, among others, the following policy fields:

  • foreign Policy
  • foreign Trade
  • defence Policy
  • humanitarian aid
  • development