By means of a declaration the institutions of the European Union relate their point of view on a specific topic. A declaration is not used to initiate legislative processes, nor is it used to publicise concrete programmes. The EU rarely uses declarations.

The declaration as legal instrument should not be confused with press statements on certain events or situations, or with declarations of vote used by the Council of Ministers.


Declaration in detail

Area of application

The declaration is used to both convey and clarify the point of view of one, and usually more of the institutions of the European Union on a given topic. The explanation provided is non-binding.

Declarations are also used to give notice of interinstitutional arrangements.

Declaration can be issued on topics in every policy area.

Adopting declarations

The institutions concerned issue a statement together. The European Commission informs the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament of any issued declarations.


Legal framework

Declarations as legal instrument are not mentioned in the Treaties.


Further information