Special committee on artificial intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA)

This special committee seeks to develop a long term strategy on artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital age and how AI can utilised in the EU.

This Committee has a twelve-month mandate. Parliament can decide to extend the mandate. The Committee will have 33 members.

This Committee focuses on:

  • 1. 
    an analysis of the future impact of artifical intelligence on skills, employment, fintech, education, health, transport, tourism, agriculture, environment, defence, industry, energy and e-government, and how AI can contribute to economic growth and business value
  • 2. 
    the study of how other countries handle AI
  • 3. 
    an evaluation of how to set common objectives on AI on how set out goals on AI, on the basis of of Commission papers on the EU's digital future, a European data strategy, the internet of things and on AI

Recommendations and proposals will be forwarded to the relevant regular committees of the European Parliament.