Special committee on artificial intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA)

This special committee seeks to develop a long term strategy on artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital age and how AI can utilised in the EU.

This Committee has a twelve-month mandate. Parliament can decide to extend the mandate. The Committee will have 33 members.

This Committee focuses on:

  • 1. 
    an analysis of the future impact of artifical intelligence on skills, employment, fintech, education, health, transport, tourism, agriculture, environment, defence, industry, energy and e-government, and how AI can contribute to economic growth and business value
  • 2. 
    the study of how other countries handle AI
  • 3. 
    an evaluation of how to set common objectives on AI on how set out goals on AI, on the basis of of Commission papers on the EU's digital future, a European data strategy, the internet of things and on AI

Recommendations and proposals will be forwarded to the relevant regular committees of the European Parliament.


Members EP committee



    Birgit Sippel iS&D
    Miapetra Kumpula-Natri iS&D


    Adam Bielan iECR

    Christel Schaldemose iS&D

    Axel Voss iEPP
    Andrus Ansip iRN
    Brando Benifei iS&D
    Emmanuel Maurel i
    Dan Nica iS&D

    Kosma Złotowski iECR

    David Cormand iGreens/EFA

    Kim van Sparrentak (GL) iGreens/EFA


    Evelyne Gebhardt iS&D
    Sophie in 't Veld (D66) iRN
    Angelika Niebler iEPP

    Roberta Metsola iEPP
    Dita Charanzová iRN
    Nicola Danti iRN

    Karol Karski iECR
    Gilles Lebreton iID
    Massimiliano Salini iEPP
    Ivan Štefanec iEPP
    Henna Virkkunen iEPP

    Damian Boeselager iGreens/EFA

    Liesje Schreinemacher (VVD) iRN