Special committee on beating cancer (BECA)

This special committee investigates the actions and policies the EU can support and undertake to fight cancer. It's conclusion will be of advisory

nature. The relevant permanent committees of the European Parliament will have to ensure concrete measures will be taken.

The special committee will look at the following aspects in greater detail:

  • 1. 
    evaluate actions aimed at all phases of the cancer detection, treatment and care and how these relate to the competences of the EU, the member states and to the Horizon programma in particular
  • 2. 
    determining priorities and policies geared towards patients
  • 3. 
    to, on the basis of science, look at preventive measures that can be taken in relevant policy areas (bans on smoking, air pollution, preventing obesity, etc.)
  • 4. 
    supporting programmes and actions with regard to research on rare forms of cancer in light of more limited resources that are available for such research
  • 5. 
    facilitating easier access to cross-border treatments or the continuation of treatments in other member states, and specifically setting up cancer registries
  • 6. 
    evaluation of current policies concerning medicines in light of development, testing procedures and affordability of new medicines

This Committee has a twelve-month mandate. Parliament can decide to extend the mandate.