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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Coming up: EU-Vietnam trade deal, artificial intelligence and EU-UK cooperation

Source: European Parliament (EP) i, published on Friday, February 7 2020.

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Future relations with the UK, the EU-Vietnam trade agreement and the challenges of artificial intelligence are among the topics on Parliament’s agenda next week.

EU-Vietnam trade agreement

MEPs will vote on the free trade and investment deals between the EU and Vietnam on Wednesday. The free trade agreement will eliminate virtually all tariffs between Vietnam and the European Union over the course of a decade.

Future EU-UK relations

On 12 February, Parliament will set out its initial position for the upcoming negotiations on a new relationship with the UK following Brexit.

Artificial intelligence

During a debate on Monday and a vote on Wednesday, members will outline the challenges of artificial intelligence and automated decision-making and possible measures to better protect consumers.

EU long-term budget

MEPs will debate Parliament’s priorities for the EU's next long-term budget with the Council and the European Commission on 12 February, ahead of the European summit on 20 February.

Women's rights

On Tuesday, MEPs will discuss Parliament's priorities for the 2020-2024 EU Gender Equality Strategy. They will also debate the EU priorities for the 64th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, taking place in New York in March. On Wednesday, they will vote on a resolution calling for an EU strategy to end female genital mutilation around the world.

Illegal trade of pets

To tackle the trafficking of pets in the EU, Parliament will vote Thursday on a resolution asking for an EU-wide mandatory system, the identification and registration of cats and dogs and tougher sanctions against those supplying false pet passports.


On Monday, members will discuss the revised approach to accession negotiations, outlined by the Commission on 5 February.

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