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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Startup Europe Matchmaking Session at Slush, Espoo

Helsinki Universiteit van Technology, aula van het hoofdgebouw in Espoo, Finland.
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date November 21, 2019
city Espoo, Finland
location Tekniikantie 14, 02150, Espoo Show location

This dedicated matchmaking event will bring together 100 startups from across Europe, together with venture capitalists, corporate investors and investors from large financial institutions such as the European Investment Fund (EIF), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank, and the International Finance Corporation. To support access to finance, a reverse-pitching session by the investors will be organised. This event for Startups and Investors is organized by Business Finland, VTT and the European Commission.

Discover the agenda

Selected startups by MyGateway






Prague, Czech Republic

The app that gets your money into shape

Hooray Studios

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A magical place where personalized children’s books are created



Maribor, Slovenia

Empowering the world with technologies that improve lives, from an advanced telecommunication system to open medical devices & 3D bioprinting


Prague, Czech Republic

An IoT device designed to make drones smarter, connected and safe for airspace access


Bucharest, Romania

A platform that helps you find your dream job


Ostrava, Czech Republic

An app that connects locals with travellers

Collection Hub

Prague, Czech Republic

helps you recover your unpaid invoices

Xmera Bionic Bike

Bucharest, Romania

A hybrid e-bike revolutionizing transportation with body tracking sensors

Family Finances

Budapest, Hungary

Mobile banking solutions for banks with a special focus on younger customers


Prague, Czech Republic

A tool that allows people to take control of all the home appliances

Biometrika (Armbeep)

Maribor, Slovenia

Portable motion analysis monitoring device which allows you to accelerate your development with a data supported game-based coaching.

Selected startups from Startup Lighthouse






Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Business portal for young professionals

Cyber Mantis Games

Yerevan, Armenia

Bringing the video game production value up and the cost down.


Lisbon, Portugal

Boosting human performance using Neurotechnology

Just Juno

Berlin, Germany

Empowering young ladies to reach their potentials through gamification.

Maze Kingdom

Vilnius, Lithuania

Puzzle game based on chess mechanics.

City Check

Evora, Portugal

Location-based game app for families to engage with places/cities.

Ninja Moba

Valletta, Malta

Social media listening tool for emotional evaluation in Video Gaming

Mistory Ball

London, UK

Screen-Free toy using smart audio

Orcz Evolve VR

Yerevan, Armenia

VR Game Development Studio

ARize Augmented Reality Platform

Yerevan, Armenia

ARize is to be the first social platform based on Augmented Reality.


Kaunas, Lithuania

Reinventing education through decentralization with blockchain


Helsinki, Finland

Improving physical activity of children with playful technology


Dublin, Ireland

Simplify cybersecurity, securing critical servers for enterprises, helping the manage security effectively and efficiently - leaving people to take higher level decisions and get on with business.


Kaunas, Lithuania

The cancer treatment quality control tool. It is a dosimetry system which helps oncology doctors to get best possible treatment results fast and easy.

Brain InsurTech

Athens, Greece

Software for Insurance Companies, Agents & Brokers increasing sales efficiency & productivity.

Breeze Technologies

Hamburg, Germany

Hyperlocal air quality data & tailored advice to improve local air quality based on advanced artificial intelligence, their own air quality sensor networks and external data sources, both in the urban environment as well as in indoor environments.


Berlin, Germany

Predictive analytics, to help corporations direct decision making, by analyzing unstructured information with machine learning technology.


Bologna, Italy

Producing chemicals to reduce time and costs for cancer genetic diagnostic tests.


Vilnius, Lithuania

Advanced technology usages in payment card acceptance and acquiring, with fast onboarding, advanced technology for KYC and AML and new income stream for our partners.


Berlin, Germany

Empowers everyone to contribute to the Energiewende through their smartphone. We gamify smart meter data, provide value-added services to end-users and make demand follow renewable supply.


Sligo, Ireland

An engaging platform for the Travel Tech sector to enhance visitor experiences through an immersive, engaging, user friendly means of showcasing unique authentic local stories

Selected start-ups by the Innovation procurement







Hague, Netherlands

Visual management tool for real-time information, dynamic safety protocols and checklists, perfect workflow control and patient safety guidance.

Gnomon Informatics


Thessaloniki, Greece

Gnomon Informatics S.A. is a leader on eHealth Interoperability Solutions and participates in the epSOS industry team steering group, since its foundation.

Selected start-ups by the Innovation Radar






Warsaw, Poland

Biotrem's technology allows them to offer disposable tableware produced from the compressed wheat bran as a fully compostable alternative to single use plastics. Their product range also includes cutlery made from mix of PLA bioplastic and wheat bran. They were a finalist for the European Commission's Innovation Radar Prize 2019.


Munich, Germany

Founded in 2016, Etherisc's focus is on optimized claim management for agriculture insurance using satellite earth observation and blockchain technologies.

Eye Control

Tel Aviv, Israel

Eyecontrol have developed a wearable device to help individuals affected by ALS, stroke and traumatic brain injuries who cannot speak. This breakthrough wearable allows communication on the basis of eye movement. It won the "Tech for Society" category of European Commission's Innovation Radar Prize 2019.

EZ LAB srl

Padua, Italy

EZ Lab, increases the economy value of Agri-Food Industry by building Trust between the producer, food industry and the consumer. To enforce traceability, transparency and certification of products they use Blockchain and Smart Contracts technologies.


Castagnola, Switzerland / Italy

gr3n have developed and piloted a new process based on a new application of microwave technology that allows for economically efficient recycling of PET plastics in a way that retains original mechanical properties of the PET plastics. Gr3N was winner of the overall Innovation Radar Prize 2018.


Murcia, Spain

HUMEXE have developed an exoskeleton capable of providing full autonomy to patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. Compared to other offerings on the market their technology is based on an entirely different approach for the movements control.


Munich, Germany

Makersite's platform combines millions of data points to deliver an extensive knowledge of product impacts and potential improvements across several criteria such as cost, risk, supply chain resilience, compliance, environment or health.


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Ranmarine have developed tech for a self-organising swarm of autonomous robots, capable of monitoring and maintaining water health. This is based on two products: WasteShark™, an aquadrone that removes unwanted plastic, trash and alien/pest flora from water as well as DataShark™, a learning machine continually collecting data about the marine environment.


Brno, Czech Republic

Phonexia transform voice into knowledge with their innovative speech analytics and voice biometrics technologies. Its Phonexia Speech Platform is the first on the market that exclusively uses deep neural networks to allow speaker identification with extremely accurate and fast results.

Selected start-ups by Business Finland





Delta Cygni labs

Tampere, Finland

DCL develops a professional remote video collaboration solution POINTR for mission critical field service applications in energy, machine building, and maritime sectors.


Espoo, Finland

VimAI provides computer vision based indoor positioning for navigation and wide-area AR. The tech is called AR Cloud and it is forecasted to enable AR to become the operating system of the future.


Espoo, Finland

Tramigo is an emerging market Mobility, Vehicle Security and Mission Critical Fleet Management expert with holistic offering of hardware, software, embedded intelligence and connectivity.



3DBear is an Augmented Reality app for education that allows students and children to visualise their creative thinking in 3D.


Espoo, Finland

An online platform for lifetime learning and professional skill sharing. Their platform lets professionals share their knowledge by becoming trainers and it lets people looking for new skills, learn from these trainers.


Oulu, Finland

Webuust is a virtual startup accelerator ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs to develop their business idea and prepare for fundraising. WeBuust guides companies to test their business idea from all important angles, leading to solid results based on actual customer feedback.

Kitchener, Canada

Easy to use loyalty program built for small businesses, which increases retention and boosts customer engagement. Their API can be integrated to most premade online store platforms and they are able to customize it to fit any online store.


Helsinki, Finland

IPRally approaches the patent search problem with a unique graph-AI technology, which mimics the way professionals analyse patents. In only 18 months, we have reached world-class search accuracy and gained the trust of some of the biggest patentees in the world.


Piispanristi, Finland

Football Tracking System - a movement analysis tool for any ambitious player who wants to know more about their game and improve their skills. Track your movements, ball handling skills and progress.

Kuori Ltd

Espoo, Finland

We ride the major trend for large and robust touchscreens. Serving healthcare sector and major global white-label clients we aim from our 2M/2019 to 8M. Now we are launching a B2C product for the elderly.


Oulu, Finland

Always know If your network leaks. SensorFu makes cyber security product that continuously seeks new network and data leak paths and alerts when they are found.


Helsinki, Finland

AR technology, which can be used in large spaces



AI platform which connects consumers with the right financial providers



Comprehensive digital tool for formative evaluation


Helsinki, Finland

Cloud service for issuing and managing keys easily


Vantaa, Finland

AI-based automated taxi ordering system


Helsinki, Finland

World’s First 3D Modeling Software for Augmented Reality

Innovation house

Helsinki, Finland

Co-working space/business home


Espoo, Finland

2nd generation quantum processors (QPs) that enables significant speed up of the QP clock cycle


Espoo, Finland

Connected car data platform


Espoo, Finland

Provides premium ROMI (return on marketing investment) modeling as a continuous service


Espoo, Finland

Computer vision based indoor positioning for navigation and wide-area AR


Oulou, Finland

Provides realtors and builders an access to one single platform

Voltio Oy

Tampere, Finland

A complete service management system specifically designed and developed for Apple Authorised Service Providers.


Helsinki, Finland

Adaptive learning flows


Oulunsalo, Finland

Cost-effective way to measure water use in real time


Helsinki, Finland

AI and machine learning algorithms for advanced movement recognition of people, vehicles and their mobility in smart cities


Tonsberg, Norway

Group chat and file sharing with end-to-end encryption


Helsinki, Finland

Smart digital tool that streamlines concept creation and testing process


Helsinki, Finland

Software that automatically configures IoT devices with all necessary credentials and securely connects them to cloud platforms


Helsinki, Finland

Digital access solutions and technologies


Espoo, Finland

Collect and develop ideas


Kirkkonummi, Finland

Neutral provider of outsourced logistics services

Selected startups by EIC Accelerator






Helsinki, Finland

Commercialising Innovative IT Solution for Improving Human Resources Management and Practices

Varjo Technologies Oy

Helsinki, Finland

VR/AR/MR headset capable of human eye resolution

Relex Solutions

Helsinki, Finland

The Next Generation Supply Chain Management Software in the European Food Industry - NexGenFSCM

Delegation from Startup Europe Partnership:






Klaipėda, Lithuania

Codum is an EOS infrastructure and git-based community-driven market of code for different programming languages in one place


London, United Kingdom

Recruitment Smart creates disruptive technology products for the HR and Recruitment Industry, using Artificial Intelligence.

Autobahn Technologies

Berlin, Germany

Disrupting the way we sell, order and deliver vehicles by bringing OEMs, importers and dealers closer to the vehicle buyer.


Milan, Italy

Credimi is developing a new product of digital lending targeted to SMEs and institutional investors.


Tallinn, Estonia

Virtual customer assistants to help banks & telecoms provide 24/7 customer support chat with a product that understands human language

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