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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Terrorism evolving: insights from research

date January 1, 1945 01:00
organisation European law enforcement Agency (Europol)†i

he ECTC Advisory Network on terrorism and propaganda connects counter terrorism experts from academia, private sector and law enforcement. Through this network, the experts exchange knowledge and expertise from their respective fields on recent developments in counter terrorism.

The "Terrorism evolving: insights from research" conference focuses on the latest updates on terrorist groups, ideology, propaganda, and early detection of potential terrorists. Selected research papers will be published on Europolís website.

The conference is on invitation only.

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European law enforcement Agency (Europol)

The European Police Office (Europol) is the EUís law enforcement agency, whose remit is to help make Europe safer by assisting law enforcement authorities in EU member countries.

What it does

Benefiting from its central position in the European security architecture, Europol offers a unique range of services:

  • support for law enforcement operations on the ground
  • a hub for information on criminal activities
  • a centre of law enforcement expertise.


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