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Friday, July 3, 2020

Justice and Home Affairs Council, 04-05/06/2018 - Main results

Source: Council of the European Union (Council) i, published on Monday, June 4 2018, 18:31.

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4 June 2018

08:30 Arrivals

10:05 Public session

15:30 Public session

17:30 Press conference

5 June 2018

08:00 Arrivals

12:20 Public session

18:00 Press conference

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Main results

Justice (Monday 4 June)

Directive on insolvency, restructuring and second chance

The Council agreed on a partial general approach on the directive on insolvency, restructuring and second chance. The agreement covers, in particular, aspects related to the discharge of debts, measures to increase the efficiency of procedures and the collection of data on those procedures.

This directive, once adopted, will support growth and jobs across the EU and help develop a business culture in which entrepreneurs are allowed to fail and try again. I hope today's agreement will pave the way for a full Council position later this year and political agreement before the European Parliament elections.

Tsetska Tsacheva, Bulgarian minister of Justice E-evidence

Ministers of justice and home affairs discussed the proposal of the Commission and reaffirmed its importance for ensuring effective and quick mechanisms to collect and use e-evidence. With regards to recent international developments, in particular the adoption of the US CLOUD act, the Council was supportive of a common approach at EU level and encouraged the Commission to continue its contacts with the US authorities and to urgently submit a negotiation mandate, ideally before the summer recess.

E-Justice strategy

Ministers were informed by the Presidency about progress on the new 2019-2023 e-Justice Strategy and Action Plan. The main elements of the new strategy which have already taken shape will contribute to the modernisation of justice at national and European level.

The framework and principles agreed for the draft strategy and action plan will entail: ensuring the sustainability of e-Justice projects, developing the principle of interoperability between member states' national electronic systems, and preserving the principle of voluntary participation in projects.

Agenda highlights

Home affairs (Tuesday 5 June)

Home affairs ministers will take stock of the files related to the reform of the common European asylum system. In the morning, ministers will discuss informally the application of the principles of responsibility and solidarity.

Presidency note - Reform of the common European asylum system and resettlement

Reforming the common European asylum system (background information)

Home affairs ministers will also discuss the Commission proposal to reform the visa code in view of new security and migration challenges. Ministers are expected to focus on the new mechanism linking visa policy and readmission of irregular migrants.

Presidency note - Visa code proposal

EU Visa Policy: Commission puts forward proposals to make it stronger, more efficient and more secure (Commission press release, 14/03/2018)

Over lunch, ministers will take stock of the situation on the Mediterranean migratory routes. Actions undertaken by the EU and member states in recent years have resulted in a decrease in the number of arrivals.

Finding solutions to migratory pressures (background information)

Infographic - Migration flows: Eastern and Central Mediterranean routes

The Council will discuss, in the presence of the counter-terrorism group (CTG), possible opportunities for further cooperation between competent authorities dealing with counter-terrorism.

EU fight against terrorism (background information)

Ministers will also review the impact of the first EU policy cycle for organised and serious crime (2014-2017). They will also reflect on possible areas for further improvement.

The EU fight against organised crime (background information)

Meeting information

Meeting n°3622



Preparatory documents

Provisional agenda, Justice and Home Affairs Council, 04-05 June 2018

Indicative programme, Justice and Home Affairs Council, 04-05 June 2018

List of A items, non-legislative activities, Justice and Home Affairs Council, 04-05 June 2018

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