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Legislation in force

There are at least 26 laws or other legal instruments in force that have been previously proposed by undefined.
Date Title
17.11.1993  Framework for Community Policy on Digital Video Broadcasting.
Council resolution com(1993)557
15.11.1993  Universal service principles in the telecommunications sector.
Council resolution com(1993)543
28.04.1993  .
Council resolution com(1993)159
27.04.1993  Introduction of satellite personal communication services in the EC.
Council resolution com(1993)171
24.07.1992  Promotion of europe- wide cooperation on numbering of telecommunications services including the introduction of a european area code for telephony services with ...
Council resolution com(1992)344
11.05.1992  Proposal for a Joint Declaration of the Council and the Commission in respect of negotiations concerning the IPR aspects of agreements for scientific and technological ...
Declaration com(1992)202
13.09.1990  Opening of negotiations with a view to the accession of the EC to the council of Europe convention for the protection of individuals with regard to the automatic ...
Recommendation com(1990)314
18.07.1990  .
Council resolution com(1990)314
11.06.1990  Strengthening of the Europe-wide cooperation on radio frequencies, in particular with regard to services with a pan-European dimension.
Council resolution com(1990)171
06.12.1988  Strengthening of the further co-ordination of the introduction of the integrated services digital network ( isdn ) in the EC up to 1992.
Council resolution com(1988)695
21.06.1988  Development of the common market for telecommunications services and equipment up to 1992.
Council resolution com(1988)336
31.05.1988  Transition of the eurotra programme to the third phase.
Decision com(1988)270
24.07.1987  Community action in the field of information technology and telecommunications applied to health care aim ( advanced informatics in medicine in Europe ) - pilot phase -.
Regulation com(1987)352
23.07.1987  European strategic programme for research and development in information technologies ( esprit ).
Regulation com(1987)313
14.06.1982  .
Decision com(1982)361
05.05.1982  .
Decision com(1982)251
13.07.1981  .
Decision com(1981)386
30.09.1980  .
Decision com(1980)552
09.06.1980  .
Decision com(1980)314
28.05.1979  .
Decision com(1979)284
08.07.1977  .
Decision com(1977)312