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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Conference of European statistics stakeholders, Budapest

Boedapest, Heldenplein
date October 20, 2016 - October 21, 2016
city Budapest, Hungary
location Joint Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and European Central Bank conference Show location
organisation European Central Bank (ECB) i

Start date : 20/10/2016

End date : 21/10/2016


Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Other bodies and agencies, European Central Bank,

Economy, finance, tax and competition, Statistics,

  • Events/Conf/Fairs

Eurostat, the European Central Bank, the European Statistical Advisory Committee, the Federation of European National Statistical Societies and the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, with the involvement of the Hungarian Statistical Association, are organising the second edition of the conference of European statistics stakeholders.

The aim of the conference is to bring together European methodologists, producers, and users of statistics to discuss users’ needs, to share best practices in the production of official statistics, to present innovative ways of visualising and communicating statistics, and to advance new methodological ideas for collecting and analysing data.


European Central Bank (ECB)

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What does the ECB do?

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