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Monday, April 6, 2020

Migration and Human Security: A strategic approach, Ljubljana

Rotově (Stadhuis) in Ljubljana, Slovenie
date March 21, 2016
city Ljubljana, Slovenia
location Centre for European Perspective, EUISS & Slovenian MFA Show location
attending B. (Borut) Pahor†i et al.
organisation European External Action Service (EEAS)†i



Centre for European Perspective, EUISS & Slovenian MFA

President of Slovenia Borut Pahor will give a keynote address at the event "Migration and Human Security: A strategic approach" on 21 March in Ljubljana. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Slovenia Karl Erjavec will kick off the event which is organised by the Centre for European Perspective, EUISS and the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the conference will focus on the EUís strategic approach towards migration. Key policy makers and experts will discuss a variety of questions, including: How can the EU adapt its foreign policy instruments and tools in order to respond to migration and build resilience of states and societies affected by it? How can a human security approach help achieve EU objectives and policies in this regard? Is it possible for regional initiatives, such as Brdo - Brijuni process to help in managing the migration crisis, in particular in the Western Balkans?

The event was livestreamed and can be watched here.


European External Action Service (EEAS)

The External Action Service (EEAS) of the European Union is officially an autonomous body within the EU. It is in part the successor to the directorate general for external affairs of the European Commission, elements of Council's secretariat and supplemented by personnel from the member states. Its main task it to support the EU in making and implementing foreign and development policies. At the request of member states the EEAS acts as a diplomatic service.

The EEAS also co-ordinates EU activities such as the missions to Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. The European intelligence services is part of the EEAS as well.


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