State of Europe Forum 2016. The paradox of freedom - how can we sustain Europe's freedoms in the face of multiple threats?, Amsterdam - EU monitor

EU monitor
Saturday, January 25, 2020
date May 8, 2016 10:00 - May 9, 2016 17:00
city Amsterdam
location Zuiderkerk Show location
organisation Dutch Presidency of the European Union (EU2016NL) i

In Amsterdam-’the most liberal city in the world’ (Shorto)-we take a look at threats to Europe’s freedoms today. 2015 saw major challenges to the future of the European project, with the polarisation following the influx of Syrian refugees revealing ‘true’ values of many Europeans. Freedom is one of the EU’s stated values. But what does it mean? And how much do we believe in it? Freedom for all, or only freedom for ourselves? We aim to examine the paradoxical nature of freedom which requires boundaries and sacrifice to sustain.

As in the previous years, the forum convenes politicians, church leaders, civic leaders, educators, academics, media specialists, activists, and all concerned with the future of Europe. Held annually around Europe Day, May 9, in the capital of the country currently holding the presidency of the EU, the forum is pan-European, trans-denominational, multi-disciplinary and intergenerational. It aims to encourage responsible participation towards shaping tomorrow’s Europe in line with Robert Schuman’s vision for a ‘community of peoples deeply rooted in basic Christian values’.



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