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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Changing skin!

Source: European External Action Service (EEAS) i, published on Tuesday, April 14 2015.

From today the EEAS is online with a completely renewed digital skin.

This restyling of the website is vital to maintain contact with all our stakeholders, willing to know in real time the Action of the EEAS since the arrival of the new HR/VP, Federica Mogherini.

The home page is completely restructured and redesigned, giving the feeling of an electronic newspaper with more space for important News, Videos, highlighting the main activities and achievements of the HR/VP and the Service.

Colours and graphic elements are lighter and more functional while the accent is on what we do, driven by a series of storiesdivided by categories.

The navigation and architecture are more intuitive and simple, tailored to making the content itself the main actor of the new layout.

Up to date

All the announcements by the HR/VP are published in real time 7/7. Moreover, most of the press material produced by other EU institutions is also re-published, such as the statements issued by the Foreign Affairs Council and the European Council, and press releases of the European Commission related to foreign affairs.

All available material is flexible and ready to be re-published by third parties through the use of a brand new set of RSS feeds

Social media

A wide community of users and stakeholders makes our social media channels one of the most pertinent voices on social media about foreign affairs.

All our announcements and stories are now easy to share, and social media icons are more prominent on each page inviting the user to visit our accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flick and Instagram.

What's next?

Enjoy browsing our revamped webpages and stay connected with our webteam!

EEAS Strategic Comm.