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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Directorate-General Financial Stability, financial services and capital markets union (FISMA)

Source: Europa Nu.

The main task of this Directorate-General is to coordinate the policies of the European Commission regarding stability on the financial markets. The Directorate-General has to ensure that the European Commission remains having an active role in the supervision of the financial markets. The banking sector is an important aspect in this.

The Directorate-General focusses on:

  • improving the investment environment
  • developping a regulatory framework to improve the resilience and stability of the financial services
  • ensuring the regulatory framework works well for citizens
  • ensuring timely and effective implementation of the financial services
  • improving the functioning of the European Systemic Risk Board and the supervisory agencies
  • ensuring the safety and modernisation of digital payments


Legislative proposals in negotiation

There are 205 proposals for legislative or other legal instruments of this Directorate-General in negotiations with the Council and the European Parliament.
Date Title
17.12.2020  Evaluation of programme to support activities enhancing the involvement of consumers and other financial services end-users in Union policy-making in that area in ...
16.12.2020  Tackling non-performing loans in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.
14.12.2020  Activities of the IFRS Foundation, EFRAG and PIOB in 2019.
18.11.2020  Communication to the EP concerning the Council's position on a Regulation on a framework for the recovery and resolution of central counterparties.
24.09.2020  Digital Finance Strategy for the EU.
Communication com(2020)591


Legislation currently being implemented

There are 137 laws or other legal instruments of the Council and the European Parliament, previously proposed by this Directorate-General, which are currently being implemented by the member states.
Date Title
28.04.2020  Amendment of Regulations 575/2013 and 2019/876 on capital requirements as regards adjustments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Regulation com(2020)310
24.05.2018  Establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment.
Regulation com(2018)353
24.05.2018  Disclosures relating to sustainable investments and sustainability risks.
Regulation com(2018)354
24.05.2018  Amendment of Regulation (EU) 2016/1011 on low carbon benchmarks and positive carbon impact benchmarks.
Regulation com(2018)355
24.05.2018  Amendment of Regulations (EU) No 596/2014 and (EU) 2017/1129 as regards the promotion of the use of SME growth markets.
Regulation com(2018)331


Legislation in force

There are at least 4 laws or other legal instruments in force that have been previously proposed by this Directorate-General.
Date Title
12.09.2017  Amendment of decision on signing and provisional application of the agreement with the USA on prudential measures regarding insurance and reinsurance.
Decision com(2017)499
28.11.2016  Framework for the recovery and resolution of central counterparties.
Regulation com(2016)856
20.10.2011  Insider dealing and market manipulation (market abuse).
Regulation com(2011)651
20.10.2011  Criminal sanctions for insider dealing and market manipulation.
Directive com(2011)654