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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Altiero Spinelli-gebouw (ASP) in Brussel
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date February 11, 2014
city Brussels, Belgium
location Altiero Spinelli building (ASP) i Show location
attending (Antonio) López-Istúriz White i et al.
organisation Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) i

Committee on Legal Affairs


EU law on successions and the protection of vulnerable adults

Tuesday, 11 February 2013 15:00-16:00


Room ASP 3G3, European Parliament, Brussels

15:00 - 15:10 Opening remarks on the Successions Regulation

  • • 
    Kurt Lechner, Notary, rapporteur for the Successions Regulation

15:10- 15:20 Preparation for the application of the Successions Regulation in the

Member States and the Commission

  • • 
    Karen Vandekerckhove, DG Justice, European Commission 15:20 - 15:30 The next step: coordination of inheritance tax?
  • • 
    Filip Switala, DG Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission

15:30 - 15:40 Cross-border cases involving the protection of vulnerable adults

  • • 
    Professor Paul Lagarde, University of Paris I (emeritus), 2011 laureate of the Hague Prize for International Law

15:40 - 16:00 Debate with the participation of:

  • • 
    António López-Istüriz White MEP, rapporteur for the own-initiative report on the protection of vulnerable adults (presence to be confirmed)
  • • 
    Richard Frimston, Solicitor and Notary Public in London


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Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI)

The Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs is responsible for:

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    The interpretation and application of European law, compliance of European Union acts with primary law, notably the choice of legal bases and respect for the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality


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