Draft Amending Budget No. 4: No increase of the EU budget

Source: Directorate-General for Budget (BUDG) i, published on Monday, April 29 2013.

The Commission has presented an amending budget which reflects the movement of staff posts in the EU institutions. These changes do not affect the overall amount of the EU Budget but have to be formally approved by the Budgetary Authority (European Parliament and the Council).

The staff increases in the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems agency (GSA) in Prague will be financed by the agency's budget and those for the Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels are going to be fully offset by a corresponding staff reduction in the Commission.

For the Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the Commission requests 7 additional posts to accommodate for the arrival of a new Advocate General. This will be covered without any impact on the Court's total budget.

Draft Amending Budget No. 4: Documents

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