VVD: Curaçao 80-20 law is discriminatory

Source: A. (André) Bosman i, published on Friday, September 16 2011.

THE HAGUE--"Discriminatory" is how Member of the Dutch Parliament (MP) André Bosman of the liberal democratic VVD party described a law approved by the Curaçao Parliament on Wednesday. The law will give locals priority over European Dutch citizens for employment.

According to Bosman, the federal ordinance nicknamed the 80-20 law is discriminatory and therefore in violation of the European Human Rights Treaty and the Charter of the Dutch Kingdom. The Curaçao Parliament approved the law proposal Wednesday night with 13 votes in favour and eight against.

"This shouldn't be possible. This is bad legislation," said Bosman who posed questions to Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Piet Hein Donner on this matter on Thursday.

The MP asked the Minister to indicate the value of belonging to the Kingdom and having a Dutch passport when it is possible for Curaçao to discriminate against European Dutch citizens by law. "Do you agree with the VVD that discrimination against Dutch people within the Kingdom should absolutely not be tolerated?"

Bosman believes Curaçao is creating trouble for itself with this law. "When you as a government sanction discrimination, it gives everyone a green light to discriminate as well," he said in an invited comment.

The law also doesn't solve the real problem of helping your own people to gain employment, said Bosman. "It is tough language from the stage that doesn't change the actual situation. Create more schooling opportunities for your own people if you want to secure employment for them. Talk to employers, employee organisations and schools to ensure that education connects with the labour market," he said.

Door: The Daily Herald