Relationship between europarties and Dutch political parties

In 2012 the Documentation centre for Dutch Political Parties i initiated a 4 year research project concerning the relationship between the Europarties and the Dutch political parties in the period 1974-2014.

The research will result in an English monography analyzing the historical development of the Europarties in the middle of the 1970's until the European Elections of 2014, in coherence with the disposition of the Dutch member parties with regard to this evolution.

The research will focus on how,and under what kind of circumstances, the Europarties have developed from loose federations to a much more organizational and political more relevant collaboration that exists nowadays. In addition, the research will look into the direct or indirect contribution of the Dutch collaborations and the extent in which they either stimulated or halted this process.

The research was conducted by prof.dr. Gerrit Voerman i and drs. Simon Otjes i.