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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Amendments to the statute of the Court of Justice

Source: Council of the European Union (Council) i, published on Tuesday, July 24 2012.


Brussels, 24 July 2012 PRESSE 350

Amendments to the statute of the Court of Justice

The Council today1 adopted a regulation amending the protocol of the statute of the Court of Justice to enable a better distribution of the court's workload and to adapt the working methods of the General Court (PE-CONS 28/12).

Adoption of the regulation follows a request made by the Court of Justice in April 2011 ; examination of the part of the Court's request concerning an increase in the number of judges at the General Court will however be held over until a later stage

As a consequence of the progressive expansion of its jurisdiction, the number of cases brought before the General Court has been growing steadily, with a significant increase in the number of cases pending and an increase in the duration of proceedings

As a first step, the regulation accordingly provides for:

  • establishment of the office of Vice-President for both the Court of Justice and the General Court, in order to assist the President in carrying out his/her responsibilities. The President and Vice-President will be elected by the judges from amongst their number for a (renewable) term of three years;
  • modification of the composition of the Grand Chamber to include three presidents of the five-judge chambers, with corresponding adjustments to the quorum required for decisions of the Grand Chamber and the full Court. The Grand Chamber will consist of 15 judges;

The decision was taken without discussion at a meeting of the General Affairs


  • the possibility of attaching temporary judges to the specialised courts

In adopting the regulation, the Council approved all amendments voted by the European Parliament at first reading on 5 July, following an agreement reached between the institutions