International CENMEP conference

As part of the international research project 'The Comparative European New Media and Elections Project (CENMEP) which analyses the

use of Web 2.0 applications by political parties, the DNPPon December 18 and 19, 2009, organised an international conference in Groningen where several researchers presented a paper concerning the European elections and the use of new media by political parties.

The international research of CENMEP investigates the role of new media by analyzing the various features that are used on the web sites of political parties, the type of parties that use these web features, and to what extent visitors of these sites also use these different features.

During the international conference in Groningen the following papers, among others, were presented:

In 2012 a special issue of the journal New Media & Society appeared with an article by Maurice Vergeer based on the international conference of 2009 in Groningen. Read more on 'Politics, elections and online campaigning: Past, present.... and a peek into the future'.