Publication: Constitutional Law of the EU Member States

In 1981, the first edition of the book The constitutional law of the countries of the European Communities appeared, edited by prof. L. Prakke and Prof. C.A.J.M Kortmann. This collection was (then) a unique project. Although one would expect several publications concerning this topic during the twenty years of the European Community, this publication was the first of its kind. After six printings of the popular book (the sixth Dutch edition appeared in 2004) this still holds true.

Thanks to the support of the Montesquieu Institute, a new editorial board under the guidance of Prof. Wim Voermans i is currently working on the Constitutional Law of the EU Member States. This collection covers all 27 Member States and provides not only a translation of the book in English, but also an extremely important dataset of the constitutional law of all member States of the European Union. This is a unique work because there are no other comparable studies. In order to keep this dataset up to date, authors from the various EU countries are requested to update their information on an annually basis.

The publication of the Constitutional Law of the EU Member States focuses on the constitutional relations and developments in the European Union. The comparative law study of parliamentary systems can contribute to the contemplating of developing a European parliamentary model. This collection can therefore be seen as a catalyst for comparative research.