Council decides by four fifths majority

Source: Europa Nu.

A vote in favour by at least four fifth of the EU member states means a proposal is adopted.

This voting method uses a 'one member state, one vote' system; weighed voting is not applied.

Application of voting method

This voting method is used only when it is explicitly mentioned in the European treaties. Under the Lisbon Treaty this method is applied when the Council of Ministers take a vote on matters regarding a (possible) breach of the values of the European Union by a member state.

Legal framework

Voting by four fifths majority is based on the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

  • voting on breach of EU values: TEU title I, art. 7
  • on weighing votes: part six TFEU title I chapter 1 section 3 art. 238 paragraph 1