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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Europees parlement in Brussel
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date September 15, 2010
city Meise, Belgium
location Bouchout Castle Show location
attending H.A. (Herman) Van Rompuy i, J. (Jerzy) Buzek i, (Antonio) López-Istúriz White i et al.
organisation European Parliament (EP) i

The European People's Party (EPP), currently the biggest political group in the European Parliament, will hold its party summit in Meise, Brussels.

EU and non-EU heads of state and government and opposition leaders of the EPP, along with the Presidents of the European Council (Herman Van Rompuy), European Commission (José Manuel Barroso), and the European Parliament (Jerzy Buzek) have been invited to participate.

On the agenda will be the preparation of the extraordinary European Council meeting of 16 September 2010. EPP President Wilfried Martens will host the Summit. EPP Secretary General Antonio Lopez-Isturiz and the members of the EPP Presidency will also attend.

Press Information

The press area will be open at 18.00.

A bus will be available for the press. Departure from the Committee of the Regions, Rue Belliard 99-101 at 17.15.

For security reasons, please ensure that you bring a valid form of identification: journalists and cameramen will be given access to the venue upon presentation of their accreditation badge, issued by the European Council, or their national press ID card. Journalists without one of these documents must contact the EPP Press Officer, Javier Jiménez, (E-mail: Tel: +32 475 480 446.

For further information see EPP website and Press Release under 'Related Links'.

Background - the EPP

The EPP is the largest and most influential European-level political party of the centre-right, which currently includes 73 member-parties from 39 countries, the Presidents of the Commission, Council, and Parliament, 15 EU and 6 non-EU heads of state and government, 13 members of the European Commission and the largest Group in the European Parliament.


Kostas Sasmatzoglou


Press Officer

Javier Jiménez



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