Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI)

The Subcommittee on Human Rights is responsible for:

  • Evaluating the implementation of EU instruments in the field of human rights and democracy, the right to hold the Commission and the Council accountable for for their activities in this area.
  • Ensuring the continuous dialogue with international agencies working in the field of human rights in order to guarantee consistency between EU and international instruments in this field.
  • Providing a platform for the analysis of human rights claims related to specific topics and/or regions and using this platform for input on human rights and democracy in reports to the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs, agreements with third countries included.
  • Preparation of own-initiative reports on specific human rights instruments.
  • The 'mainstreaming' of human rights claims in the different organs (committees and delegations) of the European Parliament.
  • Organising and preparing the procedure for awarding the Sakharov Prize.
  • Equipping delegations of the Subcommittee.
  • Providing a platform for a permanent dialogue with representatives of civil society.

Issues concerning human rights, the protection of minorities and the promotion of democratic values in third countries:

'In this context the committee [on foreign affairs] is assisted by a subcommittee on human rights. Without prejudice to the relevant rules, members from other committees and bodies with responsibilities in this field shall be invited to attend the meetings of the subcommittee.'