Committee on Budgets (BUDG)

The Parliamentary Committee on Budget is responsible for:

  • 1. 
    The multiannual financial framework of the Union's revenue and expenditure and the Union's system of own resources
  • 2. 
    Parliament's budgetary prerogatives, namely the budget of the Union as well as the negotiation and implementation of interinstitutional agreements in this field
  • 3. 
    Parliament's estimates according to the procedure defined in the Rules of Procedure
  • 4. 
    The budget of the decentralised bodies
  • 5. 
    The financial activities of the European Investment Bank which are not part of European economic governance
  • 6. 
    The budgetisation of the European Development Fund, without prejudice to the powers of the committee responsible for the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement
  • 7. 
    Financial implications and compatibility with the multiannual Financial Framework of all Community acts, without prejudice to the powers of the relevant committees
  • 8. 
    Keeping track of and assessing the implementation of the current budget notwithstanding Rule 78(1), transfers of appropriations, procedures relating to the establishment plans, administrative appropriations and opinions concerning buildings-related projects with significant financial implications
  • 9. 
    The Financial Regulation, excluding matters relating to the implementation, management and control of the budget


Members EP committee


    Johan Van Overtveldt iECR


    Janusz Lewandowski iEPP
    Olivier Chastel iRN

    Margarida Marques iS&D


    Zbigniew Kuźmiuk iECR

    Rainer Wieland iEPP

    José Manuel Fernandes iEPP
    Eider Gardiazabal Rubial iS&D
    Monika Hohlmeier iEPP
    Nils Torvalds iRN
    Lefteris Christoforou iEPP
    Siegfried Mureşan iEPP
    Rasmus Andresen iGreens/EFA

    David Cormand iGreens/EFA

    Valérie Hayer iRN

    Moritz Körner iRN

    Bogdan Rzońca iECR

    Nils Ušakovs iS&D

    Dimitrios Papadimoulis i
    Andrey Novakov iEPP

    Victor Negrescu iS&D


    Peter Liese iEPP
    Roberts Zīle iECR
    Herbert Dorfmann iEPP
    Derk Jan Eppink (JA21) iECR
    Jens Geier iS&D

    Tiziana Beghin iNI
    Martina Dlabajová iRN

    Esteban González Pons iEPP

    Stanislav Polčák iEPP
    Alfred Sant iS&D
    Monika Vana iGreens/EFA
    Marco Zanni iID

    Erik Bergkvist iS&D
    Damian Boeselager iGreens/EFA

    Adam Jarubas iEPP

    Udo Bullmann iS&D
    Younous Omarjee i

    Jeroen Lenaers (CDA) iEPP

    Charles Goerens iRN