Committee on International Trade (INTA)

Committee responsible for matters relating to the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the Union’s common commercial policy and its external economic relations, in particular:

  • 1. 
    financial, economic and trade relations with third countries and regional organisations;
  • 2. 
    the common external tariff and trade facilitation as well as the external aspects of customs provisions and management;
  • 3. 
    the opening, monitoring, conclusion and follow-up of bilateral, multilateral and plurilateral trade agreements governing economic, trade and investment relations with third countries and regional organisations;
  • 4. 
    measures of technical harmonisation or standardisation in fields covered by instruments of international law;
  • 5. 
    relations with the relevant international organisations and international fora on trade-related matters, and with organisations promoting regional economic and commercial integration outside the Union;
  • 6. 
    relations with the WTO, including its parliamentary dimension.

The committee liaises with the relevant interparliamentary and ad hoc delegations for the economic and trade aspects of relations with third countries.