Framework decision

This type of legally binding act is no longer used since the Treaty of Lisbon came into force December 2009. A framework decision established objectives the member states had to fulfil. The member states were free to choose the manner to which they would implement the required objectives. The framework decision was exclusively used in the field of justice and home affairs.

The framework decision was replaced by the directive i or, in rare cases, the decision i in the Lisbon Treaty.


Framework decision in detail

Area of application

Framework decision were not directly applicable. They first had to be transposed into national legislation. The member states were free to choose the 'form and method' to achieve the objectives set out in the framework decision. The aim of framework decision was to facilitate cooperation between the member states in the field of justice and home affairs by means of a certain degree of harmonisation of national legislation.

Member states or the European Commission were eligible to appeal against framework decisions at the European Court of Justice.

Adopting framework decisions

Framework decisions were decided upon by the Council of Ministers.


Legal framework

The framework decision is obsolete since December first 2009.


Further information