Decision 'sui generis'

This type of legally binding act is no longer used since the Treaty of Lisbon came into force December 2009. The decision 'sui generis' was used when none of the other legal instruments proved suitable or was deemed appropriate, such as appointments, setting up committees and - in strictly legal sense - the budget i.

It, together with various other legal instruments, was replaced by a new version of the decision i.


Decision 'sui generis' in detail

Area of application

The decision 'sui generis' was used for a wide range of acts. By its nature no generic use can be assessed.

Adopting decisions ' sui generis'

The decision 'sui generis' never featured in the Treaties, but it was deemed a legal instrument in its own right in the European Union.


Legal framework

The decision is obsolete since December first 2009. Unless otherwise stated, existing decisions are still in effect.


Further information