Legal Service (SJ)

This directorate-general provides the European Commission and its services with legal advice. The legal service also respresents the EU in court. The Commission is required to consult the legal service before issuing policy documents.

The legal service advises the Commission on:

  • drafting legislation;
  • conducting international negotiations;
  • acting as guardian of the Treaties;
  • exercising the implementing powers conferred on it by the Community legislator or by the Treaties.


Legislative proposals in negotiation

There are 126 proposals for legislative or other legal instruments of this Directorate-General in negotiations with the Council and the European Parliament.
Date Title
06.02.2024  Equivalence of field inspections carried out in third countries on seed-producing crops and on the equivalence of seed produced in third countries (codification).
Decision com(2024)53
27.11.2023  Protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens, mutagens or reprotoxic substances at work (Sixth individual Directive within the meaning of ...
Directive com(2023)738
07.12.2021  Maximum authorised dimensions in national and international traffic for road vehicles and maximum authorised weights in international traffic (codification).
Directive com(2021)769
12.03.2021  Implementation of the Kimberley Process certification scheme for the international trade in rough diamonds (recast).
Regulation com(2021)115
12.02.2020  Administrative cooperation in the field of taxation (codification).
Directive com(2020)49


Legislation currently being implemented

There are 129 laws or other legal instruments of the Council and the European Parliament, previously proposed by this Directorate-General, which are currently being implemented by the member states.
Date Title
04.10.2022  Exceptional trade measures for countries and territories participating in or linked to the Stabilisation and Association process (codification).
Regulation com(2022)503
19.08.2021  Uniform procedures for checks on the transport of dangerous goods by road (codification).
Directive com(2021)483
01.02.2021  Initial qualification and periodic training of drivers of certain road vehicles for the carriage of goods or passengers (codification).
Directive com(2021)34
18.11.2020  Minimum level of training of seafarers (codification).
Directive com(2020)739
17.07.2020  Cross-border payments in the Union (codification).
Regulation com(2020)323


Legislation in force

There are at least 57 laws or other legal instruments in force that have been previously proposed by this Directorate-General.
Date Title
30.09.2011  Requests for the amendment of the Statute of the Court of Justice of the EU, presented by the Court.
Opinion com(2011)596
09.11.2010  Structure and rates of excise duty applied to manufactured tobacco.
04.09.2006  Transmission of data subject to statistical confidentiality to the Statistical Office of the EC (Codified version).
Regulation com(2006)477
01.08.2006  Elimination of controls performed at the frontiers of Member States in the field of road and inland waterway transport (codified version).
Regulation com(2006)432
16.03.2006  Control of San José Scale (Codified version).
Directive com(2006)123