European Police College (CEPOL)

Source: Europa Nu.

CEPOL - European Police College brings together senior police officers across Europe with the aim to encourage cross-border cooperation in the fight against crime, maintenance of public security and law and order.

Established as an agency of the European Union (EU) in 2005, CEPOL Secretariat is based at Bramshill in the United Kingdom, approximately 70km from central London. CEPOL organises between 60-100 courses, seminars and conferences per year. The implementation of the activities takes place at the National Police Training colleges of the Member States and the activities cover a wide-range of topics. CEPOL has an annual budget of 8.341 million euro (2011).

The CEPOL Secretariat is managed by Director Dr. Ferenc Bánfi., who has been appointed for a four-year period, ending February 2014. The Director is accountable to the CEPOL Governing Board which is made up of representatives from the EU Member States, usually the Directors from the national training institutes. The Chair of the Governing Board is a representative of the Member State holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.