Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (TTE)

Source: Europa Nu.

The Council configuration on Transport, Telecommunications and Energy (TTE) consists of the Ministers of Transport, Telecommunications and/or Energy of the Member States of the European Union.

In the Council of the European Union, the ministers from the EU Member States take a joint decision on the policy to be implemented within the EU. The Council is supported by the Committee of Permanent Representatives, which prepares decisions and guards the implementation and adherence of the decisions monitored by the Council.

The Council formally meets four times a year. The Eu presidency is free to organise several informal meetings as well. The composition of the Council depends on the items on the agenda (i.e. ministers responsible for transport, telecommunications and energy).



Since June 2002, the Transport Council, Council Energy, Telecommunications and Postal Operations Council were placed under the responsibility of a Council formation that meets once every two months. Previously, there was a formal Industry and Energy Council. However, this council configuration had separate agendas for both the components Industry and Energy. Effective integration of the two topics was very limited so the component Industry is then admitted to the Competitiveness Council.


Relevant policy fields

  • transport policy
  • information society
  • energy policy
  • telecommunication policy
  • regional policy