Euratom Supply Agency

Source: Europa Nu.

The Euratom Supply Agency (ESA) aims to ensure a regular and equitable supply of nuclear fuels to EU users in line with the objectives of Art 2(d) of the Euratom Treaty. To perform this task, ESA applies a supply policy based on the principle of equal access of all users to ores and nuclear fuel.

In this context, ESA focuses on enhancing the security of supply of users located in the European Union and shares responsibility for the viability of the EU nuclear industry. In particular, it recommends that EU utilities operating nuclear power plants maintain stocks of nuclear materials and cover their needs by entering into long-term contracts with diversification of their sources of supply.

ESA’s mandate is to exercise its powers and, as required by its Statutes, to monitor the market to make sure that the market activities of individual users reflect the values set out by the Euratom Treaty.