Directorate-General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MARE)

This Directorate-General develops and monitors the implementation of the Commission regarding the area of fisheries and maritime affairs. The DG's main task is the management of the common fisheries policy (CFP) that provides a basis for sustainable fishing in the waters of the European Union and elsewhere by taking into account environmental, economic and social aspects and good governance.

The tasks of the DG are:

  • to take and propose measures in order to secure the fishstocks and enable a sustainable exploitation thereof
  • maintain a daily update of the amount of fish in the seas, based on reported catches and inspections thereof
  • ensuring the rules of the CFP are executed, controlled and maintained by member states
  • dialog betweens fishers, scientists and fishery managers
  • to represent the EU in relevant international as well as regional fishery organisations
  • to negotiate with third countries about fishery agreement and the execution thereof
  • to manage the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)
  • promote the collection of data, scientifical evaluations and research regarding fishing


Legislative proposals in negotiation

There are 553 proposals for legislative or other legal instruments of this Directorate-General in negotiations with the Council and the European Parliament.
Date Title
12.07.2024  .
09.07.2024  .
Decision com(2024)285
09.07.2024  .
Regulation com(2024)287
09.07.2024  .
Decision com(2024)286
18.06.2024  .
Regulation com(2024)247


Legislation currently being implemented

There are 470 laws or other legal instruments of the Council and the European Parliament, previously proposed by this Directorate-General, which are currently being implemented by the member states.
Date Title
22.05.2024  .
Regulation com(2024)213
06.03.2024  Amendment of and correcting Regulation (EU) 2024/257 fixing for 2024, 2025 and 2026 the fishing opportunities for certain fish stocks, applicable in Union waters and, ...
Regulation com(2024)114
10.10.2023  Fixing of the fishing opportunities for certain fish stocks and groups of fish stocks applicable in the Mediterranean and Black Seas for 2024.
Regulation com(2023)578
25.09.2023  Amendment of Implementing Decision 2014/170/EU, establishing a list of non-cooperating third countries in fighting illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, as ...
25.08.2023  Amendment of Regulation (EU) 2023/194 fixing for 2023 the fishing opportunities for certain fish stocks, applicable in Union waters and, for Union fishing vessels, in ...
Regulation com(2023)495


Legislation in force

There are at least 296 laws or other legal instruments in force that have been previously proposed by this Directorate-General.
Date Title
08.05.2017  EU position in the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO).
Decision com(2017)216
08.05.2017  EU position in the Meeting of the parties to the Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA).
Decision com(2017)214
11.03.2014  EU position for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).
Decision com(2014)128
11.03.2014  EU position in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (NAFO).
Decision com(2014)129
11.03.2014  EU position in the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO).
Decision com(2014)131