Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (TCBEU)

Source: Europa Nu.

The Translation Centre (CdT) provides translation services for EU agencies and bodies around Europe and works together with the EU’s other translation services. It provides language services to the EU’s specialised agencies and bodies, especially:

  • translation
  • revision
  • editing
  • terminology work
  • video subtitling.

The Centre also helps the translation services of other EU institutions and bodies when they are particularly overloaded, and with special projects.

And it works with the EU’s other translation services in the Interinstitutional Committee for Translation & Interpretation to:

  • make working methods and tools more efficient
  • bring the procedures of the different EU translation services into line with each other
  • make overall savings in translation at the EU
  • cooperate on large-scale projects, such as IATE, the EU’s terminology database.

Finally, the CdT helps implement the EU’s strategic framework for multilingualism which aims to build up citizens' linguistic skills.