A.M. (Margo) Vliegenthart

foto A.M. (Margo) Vliegenthart
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Source: Parlement.com.

Talented and competent politician for the Dutch social democrats (PvdA). She started her political career as president of the Young Socialists. She quickly rose through the ranks of the PvdA, a testament to her political skills and extensive knowledge of policies in various areas, foremost of which were youth affairs and emancipation. After becoming vice parliamentary group-leader, she became junior minister from 1998 to 2002. In her tenure she was confronted with the sensitive issue of growing waiting lists in the healthcare system. After the PvdA suffered a loss in the 2002 elections, she retired from politics. Was appointed by H.M. the Queen as a member of the SER (Social-Economic Council) and is an independent consultant.


Personal data

Name and surname

Anne Margo (Margo) Vliegenthart

Date of birth

July 18th 1958

Place of birth


Selected honours and distinctions

Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau, December 10th 2002



Secondary education

gymnasium-b in Utrecht to 1977


psychology (not finished) at the University of Utrecht from 1977 to 1983


Political affiliation

PvdA (Dutch Labour Party)



  • project member of the PvdA parliamentary-group, April 1983 to November 1985
  • policy staff-member well-being and culture, PvdA parliamentary group, 1985 to November 1987
  • member of the Dutch House of Representatives, November 17th 1987 to August 3rd 1998
  • junior minister of Health, Well-being and Sport, August 3rd 1998 to July 22nd 2002
  • president of MBO-council (umbrella for for schools for vocational and adult education), September 2002 to November 1st 2007
  • independent entrepreneur “Margo Vliegenthart Beleid en Bestuur”, 2003 to 2005
  • independent entrepreneur “Margo Vliegenthart Beleid en Bestuur” since 2008


Selection of additional functions

  • member of advisory board UMC Utrecht (University Medical Centre)
  • member of advisory board SVB (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, organisation on implementing national insurance schemes)


Selected political achievements

  • Initiated several programmes to make inroads on the long waiting lists in the healthcare system
  • Initiated several programmes on both high-level sports as well as basic sports education
  • Was fourth on the PvdA-list for the 2002 elections for the House of Representatives, but declined her seat in parliament after her party suffered electoral losses