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EU Monitor

EU Monitor keeps track of all the latest policy developments in the European Union, enabling you to identify and act on opportunities and threats your organisation faces in a timely manner.

European decision-making

Information on the European decision-making processes is available across various databases and other sources. Keeping up-to-date and getting that complete picture takes a great deal of effort and time. With EU Monitor you can see how far into the legislative process a proposal is. What opportunities are open to your organisation or to your clients to influence the final legislation? EU Monitor lists stakeholders and documentation from all EU institutions providing you vital information to act.

Do you want to know more about which information the EU Monitor can provide and about the subscription options? Please contact us to find out more.


EU Monitor provides insights into relevant information

ordinary legislative procedure (COD)

Council, Parlia­ment
Mem­ber states, Com­mis­sion
Court of Jus­tice
In effect
By bundling information in comprehensive dossiers you get answers on the important questions.

The EU Monitor provides you with the right tools to keep track of the latest developments in European policy processes in a clear and concise manner. Automatically and tailored to your needs you get insight into:

  • EUR-Lex and OEIL
  • European Commission and Council registers
  • Websites of all EU institutions & agencies (news and agenda)

Always a good understanding of current legislation

De Parlementaire Monitor weergegeven op verschillende devices

Use the Monitor on all devices.

EU Monitor is updated continually, all sources are monitored 24/7. The EU Monitor can be accessed any time and supports most mobile devices and tablets.

EU Monitor can be tailored to fit you and your organisation in a manner you decide. Create your own personal topics that generate e-alerts for you and other colleagues. You can also opt to disseminate information to your organisations and stakeholders through a digital newsletter or your own intranet. The newsletter can be tailored to your brand.

Who we are

PDC Information Architecture has been at the forefront of developing tooling to help manage and navigate information for decades. Handling parliamentary processes and policy developments has been at the core of much of our work in that field. In 2009 the first iteration of our current Monitoring platform was launched, and it has been improved, expanded and refined since. Our website is the most visited source on EU affairs in the Netherlands, and a trusted one.

We enjoy a close working relationship with our clients, and have collaborated with them to set up the Monitor in ways that best suits their specific needs. We look forward to working with you.