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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Agreement between the Commission and the EEAS on 20 December 2010.


El The proposal/initiative requires the use of human resources, as explained below:

Estimate to be expressed in full time equivalent units

Establishment plan posts (offi cia ls a nd temporary staff)
Headquarters and Commission’s Representation Offices1,0191,0191,0191,0191,0191,0191,019
External sta ff (i n F ull Ti m e Equi v a lent unit : FTE) - AC, AL, END, I NT a nd JE D 101 Heading 7
Financed from HEADING 7 of the multiannual financial framework- at Headquarters
- in Delegations
Financed from the envelope of the programme 102- at Headquarters
- in Delegations
Other (specify)

The human resources required will be met by staff from the DG who are already assigned to management of the action and/or have been redeployed within the DG, together if necessary with any additional allocation which may be granted to the managing DG under the annual allocation procedure and in the light of budgetary constraints.

Description of tasks to be carried out:

Officials and temporary staff

External staff

The tasks will be the same as currently (policy, programming, finance and contracts, other horizontal tasks)

The tasks will be the same as currently (policy, programming, finance and contracts, other horizontal tasks)


AC= Contract Staff; AL = Local Staff; END = Seconded National Expert; INT = agency

JPD= Junior Professionals in Delegations.

Sub-ceiling for external staff covered by operational appropriations (former ‘BA’ lines).



3.2.3. Third-party


The proposal/initiative:

does not provide for co-financing by third parties

provides for the co-financing by third parties estimated below:

Appropriations in EUR million (to three decimal places)

Specify the co-financing body
TOTAL appropriations co-financed


on revenue

Estimated impact

- 0 The proposal/initiative has no financial impact

- D The proposal/initiative has the following financial impact:

on revenue.

on own resources

on other revenue

please indicate, if the revenue is assigned to expenditure lines IZI

EUR million (to three decimal places)

Budget revenue line:Impact of the proposal/initiative103
Article ………….


As regards traditional own resources (customs duties, sugar levies), the amounts indicated must be net amounts, i.e. gross amounts after deduction of 20 % for collection costs.